Terms of Sale

Mystery items will be one of the designs/colors currently live on our website. Due to the nature of the item, these boxes are Final
Sale. You will not receive duplicate items within each box, but you may receive an item you already have. Items will ship in our normal
compostable packaging or boxes.

We source through major liquidation channels so our Mystery Boxes carry a wide variety of name-brand and high-quality products from Major retailers seen in-store and online retailers. All of the items in our Mystery Boxes are in BRAND NEW condition! We don’t send junk that has beat-up packaging or used or returned items, So everything is suitable for gifts! All products are different sizes and shapes so because of that, Our Mystery Boxes come in different sizes, you could get a huge box with big heavy items, a medium-sized box, or a smaller box with smaller expensive items! The things that stay consistent with our Mystery Boxes are the value and quality of the items, So even though the box sizes can be different the Mystery Boxes will always be between the minimum and maximum value listed…So only good surprises here!